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October 27, 2011

Mixing Knits

This could very well be the comfiest outfit I've ever worn to the hospital. So comfy in fact that I almost fell asleep curled up in the family meeting room waiting for my preceptor. I mean how could you not, I was practically wrapped up in different blankets by mixing these knits!
Sweater, Calvin Klein Jeans
Skirt, American Apparel
Tights, Target
Purse, thrifted ($3)
Patent Booties, Charlotte Russe

P.S. Unfortunately I didn't actually wear the little purse all day; all my clunky doctor tools and everything else I need to bring barely even fit in my largest of totes! Still on the hunt for a good doctor bag :)


  1. This outfit is totally cozy, but also really cute. I love when style and function meet in the middle. Congrats on hitting 100 posts! So amazing- and you're doing a really great job here :)

  2. I really like how you are able to be stylist without alot of color and excess clothes on at one time.

  3. That drapey sweater is classic LBOL look :) and, OMG, you're wearing a skirt! A SKIRT!!!!!! Looks great :)

  4. This is too adorable! I love the look of mixing comfy with chic tights and heels!

  5. SUPER cuteee!! such a great FALL outfit ;D


    - teeney

  6. very cute for fall!! love the skirt.

  7. CUTEEEE! And I am a 3rd year, actually going into Family Medicine! Glad to find another "med blogger"!

  8. Your hair looks amazing! Glamest medical student EVER! Love this outfit. So comfy!


  9. Cute outfit (as usual lol) but where did you get the coat? and the watch lol?

  10. Thanks everyone!
    @ Neye-Cee the coat is from Macy's (a few years old) and the watch is a cheap elastic timex from JCPenney I think? Lol.

  11. You outfit does look super comfy! I love the mixing
    Sugar Filled Closet

  12. so comfy and cute. and i love your hair!!

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  14. This is super cute...

  15. Me encanta el jersey y la falda parece muy comoda!! you look great :D


  16. I LOVE this outfit!!! And look at you with your hair down! You look beautiful!


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