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October 18, 2011

Catwalk for a Cure

Last Thursday I attended Catwalk for a Cure, an amazing event put together by the young and inspiring Bryan Finocchio. Despite having trouble finding something pink to wear, I threw something together and headed out to the State Room on the 33rd floor of Sixty State Street. There the first event was a cocktail and silent auction, including complimentary appetizers and pink cocktails. Models lined the border of the room showing off Zack Lo's shoe designs and photographers and interviewers grabbed you for a shot. My favorite booth was the Stella and Dot jewelry collection- can you guess which of these gorgeous necklaces caught my eye?

I, like many others, have been affected by breast cancer having lost someone to this horrible disease of cells gone awry. But having also done breast cancer research and being in the medical field, I know many of the companies claiming their product benefits breast cancer are really just trying to make more profits. At this event though, a representative from the Susan G. Komen For the Cure branch in Massachusetts gave a touching speech, describing exactly where this money would go - towards educational outreach, towards annual mammograms, even towards transportation to those mammograms, a luxury many of us take for granted. The room for the fashion show was lit with pink and the views of Boston Harbor and the city surrounded us - a perfect set up.

My favorite part of the entire show was the models. Yes the designers showcased many of their looks on the typical models, but they also included real women who have had or are still fighting breast cancer. As each of them walked down the runway, the audience cheered them on emphatically, bringing tears to my eyes. Words can't describe how beautiful these women are.

The designers at the show included Candice Wu, Julie Montesion, Julie Kontos, Drea Couture, Nicole Herzog, Janice Louise Miller, and my personal favorite, Project Runway contestant Wesley Nault. The neutral color palette, the shapes, and the little floret-like details were fabulous.

I had a fabulous time, and have to thank my fellow Boston Fashionista, Kristen, for being my companion for the night and snapping a few pictures of me being silly. 

It was a wonderful night had by all. Thank you to Bryan and his team for putting on such a fabulous event, inviting these strong women to walk the runway like the beauties they are, and benefitting breast cancer research and outreach efforts. I hope to see you there next year!


  1. Looks like it was a great event and for such a wonderful cause.....


  2. Love that blouse. The sparklies are so pretty.

  3. what a meaningful fashion show. The women are beautiful, You look fabulous too and doing this for a good cause!


  4. Love the cause and that blouse!! the necklace makes it too! :)

  5. oh, LAURA it's so touching and is wonderful that fashion can raise money for worthy causes. And how great to know that lives are saved,lives of people so dear to us!!!
    love your posting,
    thank you for your comments on our blogxxx

  6. That was such a fun event - I am glad we got to enjoy it together! The models were SO inspiring - they brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

  7. You have amazing simple chic stylish style love it x

  8. aw this is so awesome! i love this!
    I love your pants/outfit! :)

  9. so amazing and love your style!! just found you through {av} and love your blog! now following xo


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