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October 20, 2011

Black and Blue

This outfit makes me feel like Mr. T. 
Ok maybe not the whole outfit, pretty much just the necklace, it's very Mr. T-esque. I wore this dark outfit for psychiatry clinic (I promise the flash of the camera makes it waaay more see-through than it really is).
Top, H&M
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Shoes, Guess
Bag, F21
Necklace, Ann Taylor Loft

P.S. thank you for all of your comments and emails! I love keeping in touch with my readers! I'm getting back to them slowly but surely, but please keep them coming! xoxo


  1. Nice. I love your style. It reminds me of Reese Witherspoon with a twist of Rachel Roy.

  2. I like this outfit, as well as many of your other posts. Very classy but jazzy!

  3. loveeeeeeee this look.

  4. the sheer top is fabulous! I like the necklace, it's perfect with it. It's simple yet stylish.


  5. love the blouse and how it looks with the necklace!!


  6. Ooh this outfit is wonderful! I love how the necklace looks under the collar. I'm also jealous of your great bag!

  7. cute top, you look good!


    - teeney

  8. I love how you hid part of the necklace under the collar of your shirt... nice added touch!

    Cup of Tea

  9. Beautiful sheer blouse! The necklace under the collar is a great touch! xoxoxoo

  10. i love how you styled the whole outfit!! head to toe!

    Glass of Fashion

  11. haha! The necklace is very Mr. T like but I love it and how you styled it with the rest of the outfit. Sheer tops are my weakness

  12. You're probably the most stylish doctor in the class. lol! xoxo

  13. i super super love this outfit on you!!!
    sorry, been busy for a while.. IMY
    take care hun!

  14. I absolutely love this outfit. I am slowly falling in love with sheer tops. I really want one myself. I love your outfit!

  15. love your blog.. im a new follower! And great outfit x

  16. I have been accused of being too simple, i'm glad i found your blog. your outfits are the perfect blend of simplicity and class. im hooked!

  17. Que cute! Your bun game is on point, girl. I drive my bf CRAAAAZY with the sock bun, I can't help it, I love. :)


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