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September 13, 2011

Bright Nights

Last Friday I tried to experiment with color in my dream world, and Saturday I decided to be bold and put on some color in real life! It's a big change from my comfortable neutrals, but it was fun! 

Dress, Zara
Jacket, H&M
Shoes, Madden Girl
Clutch, random boutique in France
Necklace, read about here


  1. I loved that dress! It's a great color. Xo jillian

  2. Love that color of your dress!

    Cute outfit :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Definitely a change for me!

  4. you looked SO cute--I still can't get over that dress + necklace! you look so fierce :) can't wait to get together again soon! xoxo {av}

  5. Aw thanks Alison! And we have to see each other again I loved our chat! xoxo

  6. It looked so cute! Definitely wouldn't have guessed that you're not a person who enjoys color.

  7. This worked out so great- this color is so great on you and I love how moto jackets look with dresses.

  8. Thanks so much! And thanks especially to you Olivia I've been trying out more colors! I even wore pink pants! Post coming soon ;)

  9. Hi darling!
    Thanks for the comments on my post, I really appreciate it!
    Gorgeous dress and love your boots, now a follower :)

  10. lady, you look HOT! that shade of blue looks unreal on you.

  11. you look GREAT!

    - teeney

  12. This colour looks gorgeous on you! :D x

  13. What a great outfit - I absolutely love it! And you look terrific in color!

  14. I LOVE blue and black together, one of my favorite combinations! That dress looks fantastic on you!

    On a separate note, we're hosting a Boston Fashion Week clothing swap on the 29th and I would love to see you there! There are so many Boston bloggers I haven't met yet! For tickets, go here: and you can enter ORCHIDGREY for 25% off! Hope to see you there!

    - Julie

  15. Gorgeous outfit and I definitely love that jacket with that pop of blue. Looks great on you.


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