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September 20, 2011

Black and Chambray

A laid-back outfit perfect for a day full of studying. Or googling random things. Or even getting rained on, which is exactly what happened before I took these pictures. I guess my super creepy smile in the bottom right is me being really happy that I didn't get soaked; the train magically appeared seconds after the downpour began! Take that rain.

Top, Delia's
Leggings, American Apparel
Sandals, Faces
Bag, Target
Bracelets, Alex and Ani 
(you still have a chance to win your own in my giveaway!)


  1. Obsessed with your chambray shirt and I LOVE the gold jewelry!

  2. Girl, you are stunning! i love your bracelets. Thank you so much for following me. :D

  3. Love love those sandals!

  4. you're very pretty dear.. i love your skin color.. :)

  5. Love the shirt and the bracelets!!!

  6. Its is so lovely when the transit system comes through at the perfect moment (that is a very rare occurence in NY). Love this shirt, chambray goes with anything, in any season! Love the bracelets too (I'm rooting for myself in the giveaway, lol).

  7. Love this look. I have been somewhat obsessed with my chambray shirt. It pairs perfectly with most things.

    Liz Lizo

  8. So adorable!! I love that shirt.. such a fun twist on a classic button down!

  9. Thanks so much for your comments everyone! This chambray shirt will definitely get a lot of wear!

  10. You are so adorable! I think I have a bad case of Murphy's Law when it comes to rain: never have an umbrella when I need one, and always stuck carrying one when I don't.

  11. you are gorgeous girl! love that top! i've been meaning to get one for a while!
    xo TJ

  12. You look so beautiful here girl!! Love this look on you! xox

    Come visit soon!


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