Wedding Bells

August 23, 2011


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Oh man if my mom sees the title of this she'll probably think I'm getting married - I'm not getting married, mom! Now that that's out of the way, I was inspired by the destination wedding blog crawl going on this week (hosted by the fabulous cornflake dreams and love is home) to create this post. Although I like pretty things, I'm not too fancy of a gal, so my dream wedding would be during the fall on a farm in the Berkshires. How cute are those invites! I'd get married under a tree that would be turning colors already, take pictures on haystacks, and wear a flowing dress (and my man would be wearing grey). The barn would be lit with chandeliers and those cute little lights strung in rows across the exposed wooden beams, we'd drink apple cider and rum, and have a simple fall inspired cake. What would your dream wedding be? 


  1. AH! love it. thanks for linking up! that invite is too cute... and i love the idea of apple cider + rum at a wedding. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Wow I love the invite so adorable! I never thought about what my man would be wearing lol I have always wanted a classic tux, (he doesn't) but never thought about grey

  3. Oh my gosh this is precious!

    I want to have several weddings (but just marry one person haha) because I LOVE THEM! All through college, I procrastinated by looking at wedding blogs aimlessly for hours. Addicting.

  4. Thanks everyone I'm glad you enjoyed the post! @my fellow smithie it is SO addicting! There are so many ways to have a beautiful wedding!


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