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August 26, 2011

A Nautical Outfit for the Hurricane

I'm actually not really sure why I think a nautical outfit would be appropriate for the approaching hurricane, in fact rain boots and a poncho might serve me better. But what the heck this sailor inspired outfit and hurricanes fit together in my mind. This was really just a relaxed Saturday outfit though, I wouldn't get dressed up for the silly hurricane.

Top, JCPenney
Shorts, Forever 21
Flats, Charlotte Russe
Bag, H&M
Sailor Knot Bracelet, gift from Dave

Maybe this fantastic apron will do me some good? Eh probably not either. I like to make jokes about these things, but seriously everyone on the East Coast stay safe, and hope (like I tell myself) the weather men are just being drama queens.


  1. I keep telling myself the same thing about the hurricane, the media is amping it up to encourage spending. Just in case I'll be stocking up on good eats and reading material.

    Really cute outfit- I think nautical & hurricane work together, because of movies like the Perfect Storm- crazy weather and sailors.

    Liv @

  2. Ohhh no! Good luck with the hurricane <3 But on another note... cute outfit! I'm especially loving the stripes and watch!!

    - Teeney

  3. Thank you ladies!!!! And Liv stay safe if this storm does turn out to be what they say it will!


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