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August 25, 2011

Fall To Dos

It's almost September now, and September = fall (yes yes technically-minded people I know the autumnal equinox isn't until September 23rd, but I don't care September is fall). Here's my to do list!

Included are my favorite fall fests and fairs, Rendez-Vous New England, maybe some fall camping? I've never been apple picking, probably because I'm allergic to apples (that's right folks, I fail at life and cannot enjoy a raw apple). But what the heck I think it'd be fun! Definitely need to restock my pumpkin spice candle supply and carve some pumpkins (because we forgot last year)! And of course make my favorite pumpkin cheesecake muffins! Brainstorming ideas for a cute couples' halloween costume. Oh and can't forget a haunted house or two and a corn maze! What's at the top of your fall to do list?


  1. rendez-vous!!! YES!! so excited. and omg i need to start thinking about halloween costumes... xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. San Gennaro Fest in NY is my fall must-do, great food and great vendors!

    Liv @

  3. So exiting! definitely will be fun!

    x, AiR

  4. I love this!

  5. Your list got me super excited for the holidays!

  6. Thank you so much ladies! Hope you all have wonderful falls as well!!! xoxo

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