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August 9, 2011

Back to School Bag

My favorite time of the year is fast-approaching, back-to-school-time! Seriously, back to school shopping is the best. Ever since I was kid I've always loved organization, so a backpack with lots of pockets was a must, plus a pencil bag, an eraser bag (for my collection of awesome erasers of course), chapstick bag, you get the idea. Now I'm a little more grown up - no more backpacks - but I still love a chic bag with lots of pockets. Unfortunately with a medical student budget the bag I'm really crushing on right now (Anthro Lane Lines) may be a bit out of my reach at almost $300. Here are a few of my other pics!


  1. Amazing nice post!i can see here some bags !
    i would like to buy this one
    please help me how can i order for this one !
    advanced thanks!


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